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Domestic Scaffolding

Looking for a reliable scaffolding company in Kent or around London? Whether your home is a terraced house, detached or semi-detached, a listed building, or a new property built to modern standards, we have the skill and expertise to ensure that your scaffolding will be erected in a timely and safety-conscious manner – no matter how big or small your project is!

Our domestic scaffolding also offers the added benefit of improved visual appearance. As we know that sometimes scaffolding can detract from the appearance of your property, which is not ideal. At London & Kent we ensure that your scaffolding is both safe and attractive

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Edge Protection

London & Kent offer the highest standards of health and safety. Building contractors have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment, making edge protection in the form of perimeter hand-railing a must for the majority of projects.

A toe board, main guard rail and an intermediate rail help to protect against falls, as well as helping to minimise the risk of construction materials falling from the scaffold. Combined with fall arrest netting, roof edge protection provides the perfect solution for a safe environment when working at heights, for example in the construction or refurbishment of steel frame buildings.

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Independent Access Scaffolding

Independent access scaffolding structures are generally created for specific domestic and commercial buildings. Usually, workers can only access the scaffolding from within the building. They would step out through an opening, enter the scaffolding, and climb up to the higher floors without an issue. However, in certain construction applications, this might not be possible at all. For instance, the workers might need independent access, especially if they have to carry heavy loads to the top floors of the building.

At London & Kent, we offer a wide range of scaffolding solutions to our clients. These include independent access structures as well. Creating an independent access scaffolding structure requires expert assistance.


New Build Scaffolding

Operating from our base in Kent we manage new build scaffolding projects throughout the South East. We are expert new build & house builders scaffolding providers. Whether it’s working for local authorities, individual builds or property developers, we’re the company to call.

We have a team of highly skilled scaffolding designers and installers who are experts in the field and will work with each client closely to create a bespoke scaffolding package, designed to meet both your budget and timescale.


Temporary Roof Scaffolding

Our professional team are able to provide temporary roof scaffolding in order to provide complete protection from the elements throughout your construction project. In addition to this, we can provide a temporary drainage system specifically for the building type, size and shape. London & Kent are able to provide and erect temporary roof structures to protect your residential or commercial building from weather, dust and the environment.

A temporary roof structure can be provided as a stand-alone structure, or it can be used within existing scaffolding builds. The temporary roof cover service that we offer to our customers can be erected without the use of cranes or heavy machines , and can be erected as a mobile roof to be moved as the construction project progresses.

Tower & Access Scaffolding

Need tower scaffold or access scaffolding?. We are known for our fair prices, reliability and first-class service. We are unbeatable on combining price and safety and offer the full tower scaffolding service – hire, assemble and dismantle. 

When you hire from us you get scaffold towers that are manufactured not only for industrial requirements but are ideal for domestic use as well. These units are much steadier than using ladders and steps. Many trades prefer hiring scaffolds than using ladders like painters, decorators, electricians, sign fitters and a wide variety of other industries.

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